[Xiaomi.eu] MIUI 11.1 V9.11.14



Fix – Fix the problem that the hanging time is inconsistent with the call duration refresh

Lock screen, status bar, notification bar
Fix – Fix the problem that the color of the status bar icon in the dark mode is inconsistent
Fix – Fix lock screen live wallpaper is stretched
Fix – Fixed long press power button to launch Google assistant

New – New recording mode VLOG function automatic mirroring one-click shooting
Fix – Fixed Mi9Pro 5G camera FC

Network assistant
Fix – Fix the problem that the whitelist number is incorrect when the roaming whitelist is closed and the Xiaomi cloud service is closed.

Game acceleration
Fix – Fix the problem that the first use of the game screen is not responding

Optimize – Optimize screen capture animation
Fix – Fix the problem of overlapping screens at the bottom of long screens
Fix – Fixed Android Auto freezing

Update your 
TWRP via fastboot to be able decrypt /data partition

fastboot flash recovery TWRP_davinci_10.img

polaris, ursa, equuelus, pyxis, crux, cepheus

xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK20ProMI9TPro_9.11.14_v11-10.zip2019-11-162.4 GB1,339
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK20MI9T_9.11.14_v11-10.zip2019-11-162.3 GB1,011
xiaomi.eu_multi_MINote3_9.11.14_v11-9.zip2019-11-141.6 GB367
xiaomi.eu_multi_MIMix3_9.11.14_v11-10.zip2019-11-142.2 GB383
xiaomi.eu_multi_MIMix2_9.11.14_v11-9.zip2019-11-141.6 GB339
xiaomi.eu_multi_MIMAX3_9.11.14_v11-9.zip2019-11-141.7 GB588
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI9SE_9.11.14_v11-10.zip2019-11-142.2 GB738
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8_9.11.14_v11-10.zip2019-11-142.0 GB2,446
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8SE_9.11.14_v11-10.zip2019-11-141.9 GB1,432
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8LITE_9.11.14_v11-9.zip2019-11-141.7 GB1,154
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI6_9.11.14_v11-9.zip2019-11-141.5 GB864
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI6X_9.11.14_v11-9.zip2019-11-141.7 GB614
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote7_9.11.14_v11-9.zip2019-11-141.7 GB2,884
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote7Pro_9.11.14_v11-9.zip2019-11-141.7 GB621
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote5Pro_9.11.14_v11-9.zip2019-11-141.7 GB2,962
xiaomi.eu_multi_HM6Pro_9.11.14_v11-9.zip2019-11-141.6 GB396

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