[Xiaomi.EU] MIUI 12 V20.5.28



New – You can take partial screenshot and set your gesture for this feature now (press and hold 3 fingers by default)
New – Added sound assistant for Snapdragon 845-based devices
New – LHDC v3 support (Mi 9/Mi 9T Pro)
Optimization – Anti-burning screen mechanism of the gesture prompt line
Fix – Swipe up gesture wasn’t working in certain scenarios

Super wallpapers
Fix – Status bar color wasn’t handled correctly in Dark mode

Control center
Fix – Custom toggles couldn’t be used in Second space or when Ultra battery saver was on
Fix – Toggle order wasn’t correct on the old toggle panel

Lock screen
Fix – Custom signature didn’t appear on the Lock screen

Fix – “Allow all the time” button wasn’t available in permission dialogs for most apps (except App vault)

Fix – USSD response dialogs were not showing (Android 10 devices)

System launcher
New – You can render animations on third-party apps now

Always-on display
Fix – Unable to turn on AOD auto-disable feature when the phone is lying in the dark for some time
Fix – Content of the lock screen was occasionally displayed on the AoD mode

New – Redesigned updater design to make it similar to stock MIUI 12 updater

First setup
Optimization – Adapted first setup to MIUI 12 design

– In order to improve the communication performance and stability of the mobile phone, will be upgraded the Qualcomm baseline. Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10Pro, and Redmi K30 Pro will be suspended from May 25. It is expected to be suspended for about three weeks. This upgrade does not affect the stable version.

– Due to Redmi Note8, Xiaomi CC9e is adapting to Android 10, the release of this week is suspended

xiaomi.eu_multi_MINote10_MICC9Pro_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-292.6 GB1,033
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8SE_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-292.1 GB834
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8Explorer_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-292.4 GB63
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI6X_20.5.28_v12-9.zip2020-05-291.9 GB661
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI10LiteZoom_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-292.9 GB38
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote7Pro_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-292.1 GB1,201
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote5Pro_20.5.28_v12-9.zip2020-05-291.9 GB4,169
xiaomi.eu_multi_MIMix3_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-282.4 GB610
xiaomi.eu_multi_MIMix2S_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-282.3 GB1,204
xiaomi.eu_multi_MIMAX3_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-281.9 GB733
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI9LiteMICC9_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-282.3 GB1,463
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8LITE_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-281.9 GB1,357
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI6_20.5.28_v12-9.zip2020-05-281.9 GB1,117
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK30_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-282.3 GB572
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK305G_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-282.6 GB290
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK20ProMI9TPro_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-282.7 GB4,952
xiaomi.eu_multi_MINote3_20.5.28_v12-9.zip2020-05-281.8 GB511
xiaomi.eu_multi_MIMix2_20.5.28_v12-9.zip2020-05-282.0 GB691
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI9_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-282.7 GB3,925
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI9SE_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-282.3 GB1,202
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI9Pro5G_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-282.7 GB78
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-282.3 GB3,901
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8Pro_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-282.3 GB318
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote7_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-282.0 GB7,879
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK20MI9T_20.5.28_v12-10.zip2020-05-282.3 GB3,4

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